This module allows you to delete only the content generated with Devel Generate, without deleting everything else!

If you extend a node_type_form with a few fields of your own, you don't need to write a submit function or other code to save the values. All 'unknown' values are saved by node_type_form_submit in the variables table. The name is always your form element name followed by _nameofcontenttype.

Dropbox is a handy program to help you backup and share files. During the installation you choose a location for your Dropbox folder. Everytime you put a file in this folder, it is automatically synchronised with the Dropbox servers. 

The module Deny Node Nid Path written by me is now available. With this module you can make sure individual nodes from a certain type can not be visited.

Drupal 7 is here, but getting a slideshow to work isn't that simple at the moment. Usualy I user the views carousel module, but they aren't making any new versions because the jCarousel module has identical features starting from the 2.x version. But ... the views integration isn't ready yet. Warning, this article is only for jCarousel versie 7.x-2.2-alpha1. Newer versions should already have it working.

Starting today I'm a member of the Drupal Association. This way I support the different events organised by and for Drupal.

Using Social Media like Facebook and twitter is 'hot', but in large companies, things often go wrong.

It's possible to search for images on Google as well as text pages. Drupal howerver contains a mistake that exludes your images from being indexed. A few easy step can fix this error.

If you want to replace text in PHP5, you use str_replace. With this function every occurence of what you search is replaced. If you only want to replace once (the first), use this function.